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Strand BambooElaborate Timber Floors is proud to bring you Strand Bamboo - the highest quality Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring available in New Zealand. It is available in 4 striking colours including the unique Brushed Limed light colour

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Environment Friendly - Green Choice

WWF - Global Forest & Trade Network Strand Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, which is not only self-regenerating, but grows very quickly reaching full maturity and hardness in just 5-6 years. By comparison, a hardwood forest can take 60-100 years for trees to reach full size.

Bamboo is a beautiful natural solution for a greener future. Bamboo plantations significantly reduce the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide - the main contributor of climate change - through bamboo high carbon dioxide absorption rate.

The Healthy Choice

Strand Bamboo flooring is made from a 100% naturally organic material which will add warmth and beauty to your home. This flooring has virtually no formaldehyde emissions making it one of the safest products on the market.

Strand Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, allergy and termite resistant and non- pollutant, helping to promote a healthy atmosphere in your home for you and your family.

Tough and Durable

Strand Bamboo fuses bamboo into an extremely dense and hard material that has about twice the indentation resistance of red oak, resulting in a hard wearing, long lasting solution for your floor. Strand Bamboo is harder than almost all timber species commonly used in flooring with a hardness rating of 14+. By comparison, Oak has a Janka hardness rating of 6.0 and Jarrah a hardness rating of 8.5.

Scratch resistant

Strand Bamboo flooring is prefinished with more than 10 coats of the highest quality UV cured lacquer from Treffert and Bona. This durable finish guarantees that the flooring is hygienic, hard wearing and easy to maintain.

The specifically formulated coating is water based and solvent free, and meets the US and European (E0) standards. No floor is scratch proof, however the Strand Bamboo coating is one of the most scratch resistant available.

Another advantage of the Strand Bamboo coating is that your floor can be re-sanded for maintenance coats of polyurethane in years to come, further extending the service of your new bamboo floor.

Residential and Commercial

Strand Bamboo is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and has a superior performance to many hardwood floors. We do not recommend bamboo flooring for use in bathrooms and laundries.

Easy Installation

UniclicStrand Bamboo requires no glue to install, making this flooring easy and fast to lay. The licensed and patented Uniclic system is the very best glueless locking system available to install, with an incredibly strong joint, and a wax protected joint for ease of installation and moisture resistance. Strand Bamboo can be installed by a professional installer or by DIY. Installation instructions are included with the flooring.   Strand Bamboo is designed to be laid as a floating floor and can not be glued down. Be sure to ask your retailer about the approved range of quality sound absorbing underlays to lay under your Strand Bamboo.

Easy Maintenance

Your new Strand Bamboo floor can be cleaned and maintained with a damp micro fibre cloth and approved timber, laminate or bamboo cleaning solutions.  We recommend regular sweeping or vacuuming to keep a healthy living environment. Waxes and polishes leaving residue on the floor and are not recommended. Always avoid allowing liquids to stand on your floor. Spillages must be mopped up immediately - no timber, laminate or bamboo floor likes moisture. Do not use steam cleaners on your Bamboo floor.

We recommend that in order to reduce the dirt and grit that comes into your home, that door mats and rugs are used at entrances areas and that chairs and furniture have felt pads fitted to the legs to minimise the chances of dirt and grit marking your floor.  Pet claws can cause damage to any floor with a polyurethane surface.


Strand Bamboo Brochure

Strand Bamboo Maintenance Instructions

Strand Bamboo Installation Instructions


The manufacturing warranty is a Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty* and a 25 year finish and wear warranty* for domestic use.  *Conditions apply. Refer please to the installation instructions for specific warranty details.  It is important for the warranty to be valid that the flooring is installed strictly according to the installation instructions.

Under Floor heating

Stand Bamboo can be installed over sub heated floors.  Special installation instructions apply. Please refer to the installation instructions.


Strand Bamboo flooring is produced by weaving the finest quality bamboo filaments together which is threaded from Bamboo strips. The filaments are then laminated under incredible pressure to produce a floor that is even harder and more dense than traditional bamboo flooring. Strand Bamboo has a similar grain to traditional hardwood flooring making this flooring a stylish and attractive to hardwood flooring. Bamboo has the ability to self regenerate and grow rapidly, making Bamboo one of the best means to replace hardwoods while providing excellent durability, sustainability and appearance.  Strand Bamboo is made under ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental system certification and carries the FSC certification.