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IMPORTANT NOTICE – Before we impress you with our fabulous timber flooring products, we encourage you to read this. Timber is a 100% natural product. All wooden floors – be they engineered or solid, imported or local, cheap or expensive - will show a wide range of colour, grain and surface feature such as knots, gum veins, insect trails, pin holes and ‘imperfections’. This is considered normal, and part of the natural beauty of having timber flooring in your home. Australian species of timber clearly exhibit more of these characteristics than some other species. Timber floors also change colour – quite noticeably in fact – over time. Most timbers darken over the first few months, however as they wear and age, especially in direct sunlight areas, they can fade over time. Depending on volume of traffic, sunlight and moisture, wooden floors will require sanding and recoating. You also need to know that even the ‘hardest’ of the hard timbers, will dent, scratch and mark. This is normal. Whilst we use the very best in coatings from the worlds leading suppliers (refer to the product catalogue for details), all wooden floors will scratch and dent. Should this concern you, we encourage you to consider a quality laminate floor, which generally speaking, are harder wearing and do not change colour.

Disclaimer : Elaborate Timber Floors is the installer of the below products from authorized resellers

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  • Pure Oak Matt Planks
    Natural Heritage Oak Oiled Planks
    Caramel Oak Oiled Planks
  • Nougat Oak Oiled Planks
    Rough White Oak Oiled Planks
    Rough Grey Oak Oiled Planks
  • Painted White Oak Planks
    Espresso Blend Oak Planks
    Royal Grey Oak Planks
  • Champage Brut Oak Planks
    Smoked Oak Planks
    Spotted Gum Planks
  • Black Butt Oak Planks
    Tasmanian Oak 3 Strip Planks
    Tasmanian Oak 1 Strip Planks
  • Jarrah Planks
    Merbau Oak 3 Strip Planks
    Merbau Oak 1 Strip Planks
  • White Oak 3 Strip Planks
    White oak 1 Strip Planks
    Cottage Oak Matt Planks
  • Fossil Oak Matt Planks

Product Information

Environmentally friendly material sustainability is a crucial part of our manufacturing equation. That’s why the hardwoods we select are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. In addition, the core of each and every ReadyFlor ® board is made using plantation hardwood, known as rubberwood (hevea brasiliensis). After the rubber tree is finished its productive life, instead of burning it, we use this very stable hardwood as the structural core of every board in the ReadyFlor ® range.

Manufactured by methods considered to be the best in the world, ReadyFlor ® carries a Lifetime  Structural Warranty and is now available with both the standard glue-together profile or the famous Uniclic ® installation system.

Australian Species are generally very hard in terms of impact resistance.   Colour images are an indication only, as wood colour varies, and wood is not colour fast.  ReadyFlor is graded according to Australian Standard AS2796.2 Moderate Feature and better.  The Australian Collection will feature greater level of knots, insect trails, cracks and gum veins, in line with the natural characteristics of Australian Eucalyptus hardwood.  Some species like Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are more prone to surface checking (fine cracks in the surface of the floor) than other species.

American Oak

Description: American White Oak is a mid-brown coloured hardwood from North America offering moderate hardness.

Oak is one of the most popular choices of floorings in New Zealand.  We have many oak flooring products, some clear polyurethane, some stained, brushed, smoked and oiled.  We have oak floors that are ‘prime’ grade and some rustic.  We have narrow planks, planks with bevelled edges, and wide boards.   Have a look at the range below, and come in and see for yourself.

Hardness Rating: 6.0


Merbau - one of our more popular timbers - sometimes known as 'Kwila' when used for outdoor decking.

Description: Merbau is a reddish hardwood of excellent durability and stability from South East Asia.  It often contains a yellow/white fleck in the grain.

Hardness Rating: 8.6

Tasmanian Oak

Description: Tasmanian Oak is a blend of pink/straw coloured hardwood species of moderate hardness from Southern Australia.

Hardness Rating: Ave. 5.6

Tasmanian Oak is a species prone to splintering, some small splinters may be present at the joints of a new Tasmanian Oak Floor. These will be removed by normal use.


Jarrah - a premium species that exudes charater and style.  One of our more expensive species!

Description: Jarrah is a very durable hardwood from Western Australia which ranges in colour from pale yellows to deep reds.

Hardness Rating: 8.5


Spotted Gum - One of the most popular species of timber use for flooring in Australia, and one of the hardest.

Description: Spotted Gum is a hardwood of excellent durability and hardness from Australia.  Spotted Gum has an enormous amount of character featuring wonderful grain and colour variation

Hardness Rating: 11.0


Black Butt- Another Australian Hardwood - lighter tones, very hard featuring dark 'fire streaks' adding colour and character to this species.  Orders supplied ex Australia.

Description: Black Butt is a light coloured hardwood of excellent durability.  It often contains a black streak/gum lines in the grain. BlackButt goes a lovely warm golden colour over time.

Hardness Rating: 9.6


Maintenance and Downloads

Colour: Samples should be used as an indication only.  Variation in colour and grain - and knots and gum veins - are to be expected.

Warning: Timber Flooring is NOT colour fast.  The colour of your timber floor will change over time with exposure to UV light.  Different species change in different ways - some darken, some redden, some go a golden colour or 'yellow'.  When exposed to very high levels of direct sunlight, timber can 'bleach' or fade if not maintained.  All timber floors of all species and brands will dent mark and scratch.

Warranty: Readyflor carries a Lifetime Structural Warranty.  This warranty against warping, twisting, delamination and other forms of structural deformation by fault of manufacture. Conditions apply.  ReadyFlor also carries and 25 year residential use wear warranty when maintained correctly.

Maintenance: All timber flooring will mark and scratch; however, some simple maintenance procedures will keep your floor looking better for longer:

  1. Use a timber cleaner with a barely damp mop.
  2. Sweep and vacuum regularly.
  3. Install floor protectors on all furniture.
  4. Install dirt trapping mats at entrances.
  5. Re-coat or polish when necessary.

Hardness Ratings are sourced from indentation resistance results for the timbers in the Readyflor Range. As the Janka Ratings have only been conducted on some overseas species, some results have been listed as approximate results. These approximate results have been ascertained using a combination of years of comparative experience, foreign standards and technical data collected on individual species.


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