Waterproof laminate

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This is the new generation of waterproof laminate floors, with uni click system. Just like our other floors, this can be easily installed. An additional advantage is that this floor is

suitable for all areas of the home, including kitchen and bathroom. This flooring is very scratch-resistant (suitable for commercial areas) and easy to maintain.

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  • Classic Oak Beige Laminate
    Classic Oak Natural Laminate
    Classic Oak Brown Laminate
    SandBlasted Oak Natural Laminate
    Natural Pine Laminate
    Concrete Wood Light Grey Laminate
  • Soft Oak Beige Laminate
    Soft Oak Natural Laminate
    Soft Oak Warm Grey Laminate
  • Saw Cut Oak Beige Laminate
    Saw Cut Oak Grey Laminate
    White Planks Laminate
  • Burned Planks Laminate
    White Varnished Oak Laminate
    Natural Varnished Oak Laminate
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Product Information


Laminate has never been so water-resistant => What does it mean?


 What we had already:

 • QS Splash (all ranges)

 • Not for use in bathrooms

 • Clean/dry surface immediately



 What is new:

 • QS HydroSeal (Impressive Range)

 • Resistant to regular exposure to water (and other liquids)

 • Also for use in bathrooms/kitchens/entrance halls etc

 • Wet cloth cleaning allowed (incl. use of cleaning agents)


Hydroseal Water Repellent Coating

Our new Impressive range comes complete with a HydroSeal water-repellent coating on the bevels, making it the ideal solution for rooms with high moisture levels

such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Scratch Guard


 The top layer of every Elaborate laminate floor is finished with an ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer which gives the floor a high scratch

 resistance, ideal for all uses, especially in the kitchen. Moreover, our Impressive Ultra floors have a unique water-repellent coating which

 protects your floor from excess surface moisture.



The technology behind it:

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